Estate Administration and Grant of Probate by Monika Hill Legal Services Ltd, Dorking

Estate Administration - Grant of Probate

We understand how difficult and emotional it is when you lose a loved one. We are here to make the process of the winding up of an estate smoother.

A grant of probate/administration is confirmation of the validity of any Will and the appointment of the executors named in it, or that the deceased died intestate. Until a Grant is issued there is relatively little that can be done to progress the administration of an estate. We can assist you with the preparation and completion of the relevant forms in order for you to receive a Grant from the Probate Registry. This may or may not be a lengthy process depending on the complexity and the nature of an estate. 

After a Grant is obtained we will proceed to the administration of the estate. 



Please call us for a free initial interview where we will be able to outline the process in more detail, review the estate from the documents you may have available and provide you with an estimate of our fees.   Depending on the circumstances we can either agree a fixed fee of a percentage of an estate or you can be charged on an hourly rate basis.

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