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New Adventures

Monika Hill Legal Services Office in Dorking High Street
Monika Hill Legal Services Office

When Monika Hill Legal Services was established in 2019 we did so on the premise that we would not sit still and wait for things to happen. We are firm believers that progress is only made if you push yourself and the business as much as possible.

The business was set up with the intention that we would offer a niche service of home visits only meaning no office. In the early months of the business this seemed to be a good plan and we started to build a good platform of loyal clients who liked the fact that they could deal with sensitive legal issues in the comfort of their own arm chairs and we as a business could control our expenditure with minimal overheads…………that was until COVID 19 changed everything!

Overnight our business model came to a complete standstill. With government restrictions put in place for social distancing and a complete lockdown we were unable to visit clients or clients visit us. Our location was in a poor position for WiFi meaning that the benefit of using technology such as zoom, FaceTime etc was not really an option to us due to cut outs. Also the impersonal nature of such technology made some clients uncomfortable.

Not ones to rest on our laurels we went about trying to work out how we could make our business more sustainable for the short term and more importantly the long term. Our conclusion certainly wasn’t ground breaking but it felt like the best decision for survival and that is to open a High Street office! Of course opening a High Street location is difficult enough in ‘normal’ times so taking this step during a pandemic that is having such a devastating impact on the British economy could be seen as fool hardy……..only time will tell but we felt that the positives of this move outweighed the negatives.

So in a year since we started we have had to completely transform the business, this has of course been stressful but it is also extremely exciting. We have a longstanding relationship with Dorking and care greatly for the future of the High Street so hopefully with a little bit of luck and a whole lot of hard work we won’t have to change our business model again in the near future.