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Wills - Will Writing and Will Storage

Will writing

A Will is a written document by a person (testator/testatrix) that is intended to reflect their wishes as to which relations or other beneficiaries will inherit their property/assets. Having a Will minimises a potential family dispute that could arise should the person die intestate – without a Will. This is particularly important if you are married, co-habiting and/or have any minor children. 

If you die without a Will, your estate will be distributed according to the strict intestacy rules. This can mean that it passes to someone you had not intended to inherit your estate and those who you would have wished to include in your estate planning will end up with nothing. 

A standard Will is when you wish to leave your estate to your spouse, civil partner or partner and to your children if your spouse, civil partner or partner predeceases you with one/two appointed executors who can be the surviving spouse and/or children.


Extra charges will be incurred for more complicated circumstances. Please telephone us for an estimate.

Will Storage

We offer a free will storage for our clients in our fireproof, safe and secure deeds storage facility.